You might be wondering if your business needs a website if it has survived this long without one. If my business is doing well without one already, what’s the point? In summary, there has never been a more important or favorable moment to invest in a company website. For small businesses, having a website offers many benefits, most of which appreciate in value annually, much like the Internet does.

Not yet persuaded? We’ve listed some of the most important benefits that your small business can receive from a basic website.

Nine justifications for having a website for your business in 2024 year

1. Having a website makes you seem more established

According to 86% of modern consumers, having a website adds credibility to your business compared to just having social media pages. A great place to showcase any awards or professional certifications your business has earned is on your website. In addition, having your own website gives you the opportunity to set up a branded email address, which elevates all of your correspondence to a professional level—especially if you’ve done business with a personal email address in the past. This implies that you will require a corporate email account in order to fully utilize the power of email marketing.


2. Google search can assist in bringing in more visitors to your website

Even though you’re happy with your company’s current size, every business experiences customer turnover. Increasing your Google visibility is one of the best ways to draw in new customers and guarantee your business’s continued success. A website offers access to many more tools and strategies for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), even though Google indexes social media networks and posts. Additionally, SEO is essential to placing your business on Google’s home page.

While the phrase “search engine optimization” may evoke fear, in reality, it is quite straightforward. Using a keyword research tool, you enter terms and phrases related to your company, find the terms that rank highest on Google, and then develop content around those terms. Generally speaking, every piece of content should be concentrated on a single keyword so that as your content library grows, your site will be able to rank for more keywords.

3. On your website, you can prominently feature your best testimonials and reviews

To create social proof, prominently display your website’s best testimonials and/or reviews. You may also include news stories about your business from reputable local blogs or newspapers. One more advantage of posting your best reviews on your website is that it creates a permanent archive. This implies that you will still have access to your best reviews even in the event that independent review websites cease operations.

4. Your products and services are able to be seen clearly

Using top-notch photos on your website can help prospective clients see what they can expect from working with you. You can also create an impression of what it’s like to visit your physical location by using your website design and featured images. To make sure you’re drawing in the right clients, you can post pertinent information about your goods and services on your website as well.

5. To make it simpler for people to find you, you can integrate your website with Google Maps

You can add maps straight into your content on a website. A map may be found directly embedded on the homepage of certain businesses. It is easier for those who don’t live in your area to find your business when it has an embedded map. This is especially advantageous if you organize events because they might draw customers who wouldn’t normally visit the area where your company is situated.


6. A website can facilitate client communication

A website is a great way to provide prospective clients with easy access to your contact details. To have your contact information show up on every page, you can even put it in the header or footer. A contact form can be easily created with modern website builders (more on that later), protecting your business’s email address from spam.

7. Your website helps you establish a strong reputation in your field

Eighty percent of small businesses will have websites by 2023, and ninety-one percent of consumers will look up products online before making a purchase. Put another way, if your rivals are on the internet and you are not, they will engage with clients first. By building a website, you can connect with clients who need your services, promote your business, and establish your position in the market.

8. Building and maintaining a website is no longer difficult

Without any coding experience, modern website studios make it easy to create a visually appealing, mobile-friendly website. It’s now simpler than ever to create a website that is both useful and beautiful. AJAI Studio is a website development company that specializes in creating user-friendly and affordable websites for businesses. Our goal is to make it simple for clients to find the right solution at the right price.

9. Having a website guarantees long-term success

65.7% of the world’s population, or approximately 5.3 billion people, had access to the Internet as of October 2023. In many nations, that number is significantly higher. For instance, over 85% of people in Thailand use the internet. These clients can’t see your business if it doesn’t have a website. As the digital era progresses, your business will become invisible to the public if you do not invest in a website. Therefore, your business needs to go online if it wants to compete in this increasingly digital world.