Maybe you won’t believe us when you hear this. Nonetheless, about 40% of small enterprises in Thailand do not currently own a website. Roughly 20% of people with websites are able to accept payments or conduct online sales. Let’s examine the main advantages of having a website for your Thai company. Let’s start with what customers believe.

Nowadays, more than 90% of Thai customers look for nearby companies that can provide the goods or services they need online, mostly on Google. This is not difficult to accept; if you consider your search behaviors, you probably take out your phone and look for terms like “web designer near me” or “web design Phuket or Bangkok,” among others. Therefore, having an internet presence and making yourself accessible to potential clients are now essential for any organization. It may surprise you to learn that 90% of Thai customers use the Internet to research businesses. While 85% of respondents think that local businesses ought to have a basic website, nearly 3 out of 4 respondents are especially irritated by companies that do not have a website. And to top it all off, about 70% of respondents believe that a company that is not online is “outdated.” So why you must have a website if you own business in Thailand? We try to explain in this article.

What then are the principal advantages of owning a website for your company in Thailand?

1. Show up in results for local searches for your product or service

It goes without saying that customers use internet searches to find businesses that offer the goods or services they want. The days of browsing the high street are practically over, and if your business is not online and depends instead on word-of-mouth and conventional promotion, it will be very difficult to compete with upscale chains for customers to learn about your offerings.
Making a good first impression on members of your target market is the main justification for creating a website for your startup. These days, the majority of consumers would rather make judgments about what to buy online, therefore your website may serve as their virtual store.

It is simpler to encourage customers to make purchases online if you have an attractive website with all of your items listed clearly on the pages. Enhancing traffic to your company platform while keeping competitors at bay is made easier with web design.

Hiring a web design studio to create your website gives you the chance to stand out in search results and attract possible new clients.  For instance, if you own a coffee shop in Phuket, and a visitor or local searches for “coffee shop near me,” you won’t appear in the search results and your competitors will probably win the business instead of you.

2.Enhance the Trustworthiness of Your Enterprise

These days, people think that trust is crucial when placing online orders for specialty products. They won’t be able to trust your brand if you don’t have a website or engage in any internet advertising. Conversely, a unique website design might increase the number of people that visit your company. Customers may feel more at ease making orders at your specialty store as a result. Developing a relationship of trust with clients should be the aim of any firm. Having a website lets you emphasize to potential clients the benefits of working with you and reassure them of your company’s authenticity. We have five seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention and retain them on our website if they encounter your website while looking for your goods or services.

Your website’s homepage is where you should showcase your genuine worth. Emphasize the reasons why a potential customer should select your company from the moment they land on your website. Web design may assist you in establishing a strong name in the industry, regardless of the kind of internet business you are operating. It is the most reliable method, according to expanding company owners, of staying one step ahead of rivals online. After completing the Thailand business registration process, you can engage a group of experts to create a website.

3. Presenting your goods and services on the internet

You would be shocked, though, at how many websites people visit every week that don’t genuinely list the goods the firm is offering. According to estimates, just 25% of Thai companies with websites are compatible with e-commerce, meaning they can take online orders and offer goods and services. It goes without saying that an increasing number of customers are choosing to look for goods and services online, discover them, and pay for them via the business’ website.

While few individuals enjoy working at night, some enjoy researching services after hours. When you have an online store or company website, you are able to offer things and deliver information at any time of day, not just in working hours. Furthermore, an online business might result in a significant increase in sales, particularly when you take into account extra clients who are not limited by location.

It generates two chances:

  • Consumers will quickly locate and buy your stuff on the internet.
  • After finding your items online, customers will come to your store to complete a transaction.

4.Make a more formal impression.

Have you ever gotten an email from companies using Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail accounts? Is that not professional? It conveys the idea that the company is either extremely tiny or indifferent to maintaining a positive reputation. You will be able to set up individual company email accounts for each employee, such as, along with your own business website. For companies trying to project a more polished image and make the correct impression, this is fantastic.

Unless you are a tiny business owner who is not interested in expanding their company’s brand, you should have a website. It’s not just about selling products and services; it’s also about giving all prospective consumers useful information. AJAI Studio is a website development company that specializes in creating user-friendly and affordable websites for businesses. For both small and large organizations in Thailand, we provide web design and development services.